Our Brands


HIMALAYA MOUNTAIN DISCOVERY brand presents a SPORTSWEAR line intended for the men and for the kids who are seeking for OUTDOOR activities. The brand managed year after year to reach the French and European sportswear market top.

The collection is mainly composed of polar fleece, skiwear, softshell jackets and distinguished by their comfort, practicality and design models. A collection made to enjoy the outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking and trekking. HIMALAYA MOUNTAIN is mainly distributed in the chain stores, supermarkets and retailers mountain, e-shop and ready to wear shop, auround the world.

Over the time, the brand became a real reference in OUTDOOR clothing designed to resist to the wind, the cold and the rain. Today, this products are worn by the biggest sportsmen and the adventurers.

We sponsored the world championships of ski of bumb and many big sports events internationally.

Nirvana Amazing

NIRVANA AMAZING brand presents a SPORTSWEAR line for the women, kids and baby who are looking for OUTDOOR experience. The brand managed year after year to win the French and European sportswear market top.  

The brand develops each year several collections over the seasons and all of them are distinguished by the design of models, quality of the materials and their technicality.

The Autumn / Winter collection consists in a Outdoor line with polar fleece, parkas and softshell. Another winter sports line is composed of pants, jackets and ski suits and a line more "Casual" composed of sweatshirts, jogging, shirts, jeans and jackets.

The Spring / Summer collection is divided into several themes always at the forefront of fashion. You will find lines as "Yachting" ,"Sport Chic", "Fashion" ... composed of polo shirts, T-shirts, Bermuda shorts, shirts, light jackets and swimwear.  

Following the growing success of the brand NIRVANA AMAZING, a line of accessories like "Luggage" or "Shoes" which have been developed in the recent years. Those lines are already fully successful on the market. We can produce them there "private label". 

NIRVANA AMAZING is intended for a demanding, amateur clientele of sport, fashion who looking for resistant product, functional and of very good quality.  

The brand is distributed in sports specialty stores, Websites y private sales or permanent stores and ready to wear stores all around the world ...  

Nowadays, the brand became a real reference for all the women who whishes to travel with comfortable products designed for the OUTDOOR, while being fashionable.

NIRVANA AMAZING sponsored the biggest sportswoman explorer internationally.

Canada Discovery

In 1998, ASIATEX create a new brand CANADA DISCOVERY with a range of clothes for more and more demanding customers in terms of fabrics, finishing and comfort .

These products are more suitable to the icy weather situation with the use of specific materials which assure the explorer a perfect comfort.

Nowadays, the biggest explorers trust us, this is why we take care to propose products at the top of the technology.