For over 30 years, ASIATEX is one of the leaders on the EUROPEAN clothing market on READY TO WEAR, SPORTSWEAR and OUTDOOR clothing.

When, the creator of the brand passionned about travels and the explorations of Scandinavian countries, decides to put all his attention in the creation of winter clothing. ASIATEX built its reputation on collections designed to be comfortable and adapted to the extreme temperatures in Scandinavian countries.

The story began in 1989 with the launch of the brands HIMALAYA MOUNTAIN & NIRVANA AMAZING dedicated in products of mountain "garment with sleeves" and technical clothes, slowly but surely, we have seduced our customers with comfortable and quality products while offering affordable prices.

The success of both brands was immediate!

In 1998, we launched the CANADA DISCOVERY brand with a range of garments for more and more demanding customers in terms of used fabrics, comfort and finition.

Today, ASIATEX has a good notoriety on Europe thanks to collections which answer perfectly to the requests of ASIATEX client's. The brands combines the trends, the style and technical innovation to offer warm comfortable and fashionable clothes. ASIATEX put a particular attention in the choice of the fabrics and on the current trends to offer products which are good quality, trend and with affordable prices for everyone.

International trade fairs and partnerships around the world have been the true growth accelerator of our company, developing the reputation of our brands in Europe and internationally, thanks to collections that perfectly meet the demands of its customers.

Our marketing approach is based on the needs of the customers to bring it appropriate and customization responses.

Indeed, we chose to work according to a very strict quality framework in order to guarentee a perfect traceability to our customers. Throughout the production, samples of fabrics are taken and controlled for ensuring the conformity.

Today, this quality consolidates the confidente with our partners and our custmers by ensuring them of our engagement in quality service.

An engagement which strenghthens relations based on rigour, effectiveness and shared values.

From the creation of a product, until its realization, our teams in France and in China engage to be always in search of improvement to propose a quality service.

Today, the brand carry on to expand our products offer. Our brands are distributed in all the countries of Europe, in the United States, in Canada, in Latin America and in China.



Since 1989 ASIATEX has focused on comfort, design and aesthetics. Our stylists and sales representatives work together to create a unique product that perfectly meets the needs of our customers.


Collaboration between stylists / salespeople
Trends research
Colors research
Materials research
Response to customers needs


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